Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A whole bunch of stuff that I made - Tate Top and Simplicity 1430


I have been on a bit of a Tate Top binge recently. The Tate Top is a free pattern from the wonderful Workroom social; you can get it here.

Ok, so the beginning of this Tate Top madness was this top. I made it out of some cotton that had been sitting in my stash for a little while.

I cut out a size 10 in the longer tunic length.

I decided to omit the back zip. I left the top open and added a button and hoop.

I have lined all of my Tate Top variations with stretch mesh; I read about lining things with stretch mesh on a blog a few years ago, but I can not remember who's it was. If you know, please tell me so that I can credit them and gush with thanks because it is a great tip - you do not have to worry about darts etc.

I ended up taking 1 1/2 inches off the shoulder seam to make the armpits higher. I'm not a big fan of the visible bra, still not quite right, but 'better than it was.

The shorts are Simplicity 1430. I made them with some upholstery fabric that I picked up in an op-shop. They are a little tight, I think I might need to go up a size for the next pair. Not to happy with the pulling on the zip.

Ok, on to the bit I am most excited about!

The dresses.

I used the Tate Top pattern in the crop length. To make the skirt I cut a rectangle 1 1/2 times the width of the bottom of the top, I cut the top of the skirt to mirror the curved hem of the top.

I gathered the skirt to fit the top using three rows of long stitches.

The fabric is a cotton from my stash that I picked up in an op-shop a few months ago.

I love this dress. I was so happy with how this test run turned out that I jumped straight in to the final (for now) version.

I got this fabric in the Spotlight clearance a few weeks ago.

This dress was inspired by all the wonderful dresses by Gorman. I have had my eyes open for a suitably cheeky fabric to make my own and this sea gull fabric nailed it.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I want that last dress - I have to admit I also love the Gorman dresses! Might need to take a trip to Spotlight and see if there is any left.

    1. H llo, sorry I didn't reply Sponner, I didn't get a notification for some reason, sorry. I
      They still have this fabric in my local spotlight, I got some more a few months ago. I hope you found some fun Gorman-esk fabric!!

  2. Hi there, I was wondering if you can say a bit more about your stretch mesh linings. I have not come accross this but am very interested. I actually visited since I was after help with tackling the Tate pattern but it sounds like I should just go for it and get round to it instead of stressing about instructions. Thanks for your inpiration with the Tate. Lovely wardrobe of dresses and tops here!

    1. Thanks, I love these dresses! I definatly recomend giving the Tate top a go, it is quite easy and has a great shape. I have done an FBA on it as it was a bit squishy. Stretch mesh is good as you don't need to put darts in so it is great for lighter weight fabrics where a lining could get a bulky around the bust or under arm. I cut the outer fabric first, sew the darts in the front and sew the back seem. Then I use these pieces to get the shape for the stretch mesh, so you hav one back piece and one front piece in the mesh. Then priced as you would with any lining. Hope that makes sense?!!

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