Saturday, 7 March 2015

Inspired by Obus New Look 6983

Hello hello.

Autumn is here in the southern hemisphere; it has kicked in quickly.  Last week I was in a thin dress with the air-con on full blast and now, as I type this, I have long sleeves and slippers.

I have been busy sewing recently and have had some real vintage pattern wins, which I will photograph soon - I hope.

Today I want to tell you about a dress I made last year that was inspired by Obus.

 I had spotted this top on a Pinterest board and liked the the shape and colour blocking options.

I saved this from Pinterest but the link had gone so I don't know where it can from, sorry.

I made my version using some soft shot cotton from the quilters' section of Spotlight.

I used my tried and tested New look 6983 because the idea called for a simple silhouette.

I drew out a hexagon, thank you year 8 maths, and then set to work on the fabric.

I decided to sew the navy and the light blue together first rather than trying to match up the line whilst sewing in a 6 sided shape. Then I cut out a hexagon from lining it up with the neckline and the seam. I didn't quite make the seam match up, but hey, my arms mostly cover that?

It was pretty fiddly and there is a bit of puckering, I think I would be able to get it in better now that I have done it once, so I might have to make another version.

Have you been inspired by any ready to wear recently?

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