Monday, 15 December 2014

Felling Fruity McCalls 6739

Well Christmas is charging at us, and I am beginning to realise that my Christmas trousers are just a pipe dream. I love catching up with everyone and having lots of lovely dinners, but I have barely had any time to sew.

Fortunately I have a few un-blogged items from the start of Spring tucked up my sleeve, the first one being this.

I picked this fabric up on a whim from Spotlight a few months ago. It is a drill, so it took me a while to decide what to turn it into.

Enter McCalls 6739

I was drawn to this pattern because of the boxy fit, the square arm holes and the front pocket!

I decided to make view 'D' to protect my paisty sholders from the sun.

  Before I jumped in I had a look at some reviews, the common complaint with this pattern is that it comes out really big - and I am going to have to echo that.k

I ended up taking 3 inches off the side seams by the end, fortunately it is pretty easy to do, because the pattern is pretty simple.

   It has ended up a little tight across the top of my back, so I will have to revise the fit alterations for the next one.

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