Sunday, 30 November 2014

I have a love hate relationship Simplicity 1872

Hello lovelys.

Today I want to show you a Cynthia Rowley dress I made ages ago (about 2 years ago).

This dress took forever to cut out, it was super fiddly to sew and was so misshapen it took me a while to get around to wearing it.

I cut out a size 8 because it matched my bust measurement. Alas It came out so big and unflattering I ended up taking 2 inches off of each seam (which was a nightmare on the skirt as there are so many seams).

Eventually I got the fit right and now enough time has passed for the wounds to heal and I can enjoy this dress.

The fabric is a polyester that I picked up on sale at Spotlight. It was very slippy and added to the pain of making this dress, but the drape is great and it is very pleasing to wear. There are a lot of pieces so it is essential to cut and mark the pieces carefully.

I love the three tiers and the gathers on the shoulder. The neck came down too low for my tastes so I am currently pinning it closed.

 In conclusion this is a very pretty dress. Well worth making but I would recommend thinking carefully about the fit before you cut.

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  1. So agree with you about the pattern fitting - it is waaay off and huge! You have done a great job with getting the fit right. :)