Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Some more summery stripes. (Vogue 1247, newlook 6983)

Hello hello.

This weekend was a busy one. We had a houseful of ladies for my chum Bek's baby shower, a delicious dinner party, church and Dr Who, phew.

In between all the excitement I was able to get a little sewing done, yay.

I had been intrigued by the matching two-pieces that have been popping up a lot recently, and when I bought Vogue 1247, the skirt with its awesome front pockets, sealed the deal.

I lengthened the skirt by about 3 inches because some fellow sewers warned that the skirt is on the short side.

I didn't bind the seams on the pockets, as the pattern suggested, because I am a a little bit lazy and my sewing time was short.

The top is my go to pattern, Newlook 6983. I shortened the tunic a lot so that the hem would sit just below the waist.

not sure why I am so red in this one?

I am pretty chuffed with the final items. I am still not sure if the two piece is for me - a dress just makes too much sense in Mildura's hot hot summers. But I do like that I can raise my arms without flashing my undies.


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