Thursday, 16 October 2014

Little things for lovely little people

A couple of my lovely chums have had babies in the last month and a half. The wonderfully wriggly Juliet and the beautiful Hannah (such great names).

They are both beautiful babies and their mums are such lovely ladies that I decided to make some mini clothes to welcome them to the world.

I also made a stuffed toy duck for each of them.  A floral for wee Hannah and a denim one for Juliet. I gave the denim duck away before getting a photo but it looks like this one, but blue.

I have no idea how big babies' clothes need to be, so I bought a few items from a local op-shop to use as a kind of block. 

I figured the wiggling little poop machines can never have too many leggings, so I made a few pairs for each of them.

And finally I whipped up a couple of matching dresses to wear with the leggings.

I hope it all fits.

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