Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gingham or not ginham you decide.

Hello, hello.

I bought this wonderful rayon that is printed with a gingham-looking pattern. I think, and Google seems to agree, that gingham is actually yarn dyed and cotton, so we'll go for 'gingham-looking' and agree to never talk about it again. Anyhoo, I love it.

I decided to sew and old New Look pattern (6394) that I picked up in an op-shop a few months ago.

This is the second time I have made up this pattern. I love the gathers and the rounded top section. (The first one was a swing-and-a-miss as the fabric was too crisp).

I cut out a size 10, I took the neck line up by an inch. I also took out some of the gathers, as my last version was rather voluminous.

The neck was still too low to be decent so I took the whole thing up at the shoulders and re-cut the arm holes.

Sorry about the lackluster photos it is blowing a gale and I wasn't game enough to venture outside in a dress.

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