Sunday, 12 October 2014

Saturday Sewing, A Stretchy Sailor Dress

Hello I am having a jolly good weekend! We have caught up with some friends, got a few chores done plus I started and completed three, that's right three sewing projects. All of which I will share with you as the week progresses and I get some photos sorted.

The first of my three projects is inspired by Paunnet's wonderful tutorial for Deer and Doe.

 I made a few alterations, I wanted the skirt to sit on my waist so I lengthened the top.

I also underlined the bodice, partly because the fabric was a little thin, but mostly because I could not work out what colour to finish the neck in and didn't fancy fighting with the stripes.

I had a lot of fun matching the stripes and getting them to run where I wanted them to.

Unfortunately I don't like this dress, I can't quite put my finger on what I don't like. I love the stripes so it might just be the style on me I love the ones I've seen on line; I tried it with a belt but I am still not convinced.

I will wear it once and see how we go.

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