Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Feeling Ace and doing a jig - Newlook 6983

Hello Hello.

I have had a mammoth morning of photo taking in my back yard so I can finally put some of my recent makes on here - yay.

Anyone following along with Bimple and Pimble sewvember might have seen that I have been inspired by the wonderful pattern matching of Ace and Jig.

They are a Brooklyn based company that put together some of the most wonderful patterns.

Unfortunately my clothing budget has thus far prevented me from indulging in any of their items (I don't like to spend more than $50 on an item I cannot try on) so I though I would have a go at matching prints with them in mind.

I have had this idea stored away at the back of my little mind for some time, when in Spotlight the other day I saw one of their angles/shop girls unwrapping some wonderful lawn prints. It feels amazing and drapes really well so I snapped some up for a dress.

I already had the red stripe on hand so I got to it.

I used New Look 6983 as a base and cut the bodice so I could work in the other print.

I had to re cut the detail on the shoulder as I was not happy with the original proportions, above are the cut out portions on my ironing board.

I love the end result, I think this will become a firm fave!

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