Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy Christmas and a merry new year.

I am really enjoying seeing all of the 2015 sewing round-ups and thought I would join in the fun.

I have not blogged much this year (it is hard to take photos during the process) but I sure have been sewing!

I did a quick count and got to 80ish me-made garments this year - wowsers! Some of them were gifts, others were so bad they went straight to the op shop, some of them are basics and didn't even made it to Instagram, but here are a few that did.

Rocking my Grainline Alder shirt dress in Sicily with my handsome husband!

Mccalls 7100 love this pattern .

A cheeky Vogue 1395.

Working on my Melbourne Frocktails frock.

Embroidery on a rainy weekend.

Leather and the most slippy polyester I have ever touched. Love the end result of this vintage Style pattern!

Privileged to pattern test this beauty, the Pin Pegs mini from Sew this pattern.

Another fave, this Gorman inspired dress is a hacked Tate top from Workroom Social.

These lovely wool pants only lasted one outting; they shreded *sob*. Simplicity 1430.

Wool and terry sweatshirt to keep out the chill.

Recently won this pattern in a Fold Line give away, it is Named Kielo and I love it!


  1. What a nice round-up! Have a happy 2016 !

    1. Thanks Sasha, I have some fun sewing in the pipelines already, I just need to take some photos ekk.

  2. 80! Holly Molly. How do you find the time?

    1. well I have had a patchy year work wise so that has helped, and some of them were quick little baby dresses, I was pretty shocked too! I plan on photographing every single make this year even the duds.