Monday, 18 May 2015

"Me Made May" is getting tricky

Hello Hello.

I hope your May is ticking along nicely. I am still on track with my "mmmay15" pledge to wear or carry at least one me made item a day.

I am really enjoying seeing all the me made items on Instagram and other blogs, I am so inspired by all the talented and stylish makers that I want to spend every free minute on the sewing machine!

I have had a cold this week, sob, which added a element of snot to all of my photos, so enjoy!

Ok up first, day 11 was a super snotty day and I barely got out of bed, so thanks goodness for these jersey pants, made without a pattern.

Days 12 and 13 were less mucous-y, but still not great in the face region.
A spot of embroidery  on a gingham top made from an old Simplicity pattern 7773.
A chambray and check cotton raglan sleeve shirt with mods, from a vintage Simplicity pattern 7057

Days 14 through 18 the waves of boggies have calmed down to a gentle stream yay.
I almost forgot to take day 14's photo so had to get one in quick whilst brushing my teeth, the jumper is a mystery wool and jersey made using a vintage style 3253.
Day 15 is a self drafted pencil skirt with a kick pleat made from a lovely printed fabric that feels a bit like denim.

Day 16 was a bad me made day, I made these lovely wool plaid pants from Simplicity 1430, but the seams pulled apart during a trip to the farmers' market and park. *sob*.
Day 17 head to toe me made, well shoulder to knee. Patterned jersey dress I made a few years ago, by extended a t-shirt pattern but I can remember which one, textured sweatshirt fabric using another pattern I cannot remember, sorry.
Day 18 blue gingham dress with collar and placket in a smaller gingham made using vintage Butterick 6667.

I am still enjoying the challenge of dressing in me made everyday, but it is getting trickier as the weather cools off, I was super stoked that the sun was out today so I could wear my new dress without thick tights. How are you going with Me made may?


  1. does it count that the pjs I wear every day/night I made? That is at least one item a day.

    1. yea that totally counts! I don't have much success with me made Pj's they always fall apart.