Friday, 10 October 2014

Welcome welcome.

Hello welcome to my new blog.

The woof and the warp. More commonly seen the other way around (I was pipped to the Blogger name post). The woof and the warp are the horizontal and vertical treads that make up a woven textile, which is perfect because I love fabric.

I have recently found myself with a bit of spare time and what better way to fill this time than with sewing, sewing, fabric shopping and, umm, sewing.

Four dresses in one weekend.

I have always been a sewer; helping mum with dance costumes when I was a kid (well helping is probably a bit of a stretch), taking things in and up through my teens and uni years. I have been avidly sewing for about 5 years, it keeps me sane and makes me happy.

Happy full circle dress I made to wear to a Ceilidh - a Scottish dance.

I love the feeling of pulling off a neat top stitch, nailing a zip or pressing the perfect pleat. Plus having outfits that no one else has is gives me a buzz.

My all time favorite make: a scolloped hem dress made from an old table cloth

This blog is going to be focused on sewing. I love looking at other bloggers' projects, reading their tips and modifications, so I though I would jump on board and join in.


  1. welcome to the sewing (blogging) world

    1. Yay my first comment!

      Thanks for the welcome Rachel! Ps I love your blog