Saturday, 7 January 2017

Moss mini - Grainline

Recently I have had to re think my wardrobe. There are two factors;

1, Being a mum requires me to whip out my boobs far more frequently than ever before, so I have had to shelf a lot of my dress patterns in favour of separates ( I have made some nursing dresses that I might one day post?!).

2, my body isn't the same shape anymore so I am looking into new shapes.

One of the great things about the blog/Instagram sewing world is the mass of knowledge and experience. Before embarking on a new pattern I will search insta and the blogs to see how others have gotten on with it. Dose is run large, is there a fiddly bit, will it work in the fabric I want to use etc.

I want to contribute to that pool of info with my experiences so I am hoping (no promises or time tables with a baby in the mix) to blog my foray into feeding friendly clothing!

First up is the moss mini.

I wanted a nice basic that I can pair with nursing friendly tops, so I went for a light denim in medium weight.

I cut a size 8 based on the hip measurements in the instructions and it fits well, I wanted it to sit a little higher to come up over my new wobbly bits.

I added 3 inches to the length to compensate for wearing it higher and I am glad I did.

I decided to double top stich the yoke, front, back and pockets in a contrast thread.

I wasn't sure how to proceed with the hem so I left it raw and now I like it!

The instructions are great, even the fly wasn't too tough. The pattern is well designed and came together well. I had to fight with the waist band to make it fit but it got there in the end!

Great staple!


  1. Good to see you blogging again chrinner. You are inspiring, I like your clear style and the fun way you admit it all goes to custard sometimes.